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MSLISUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Library and Information Science
PhDUniversity of Chicago
Dissertation: Evidentiality in Uzbek and Kazakh
Defended with Distinction
BAAurora University
Minor: Spanish
Summa cum laude


2019-Assistant Professor, Northeastern Illinois University Libraries
2014-2019Continuing Resources Orders Assistant, University of Chicago Libraries
2011-2014Searches Assistant, University of Chicago Libraries
2004-2010Student Employee, University of Chicago Libraries, Bookstacks Department


2023"A History of State Documents Classifications." LHRT News and Notes (blog). Library History Round Table. August 4, 2023.
2023"Documenting Classification Systems: A Case Study and Considerations". Library Resources & Technical Services 67.1.
2022(with Khuyagbaatar Batsuren et al.) UniMorph 4.0: Universal Morphology". In Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, 840-855.
2021(with Tiago Pimentel et al.) SIGMORPHON 2021 Shared Task on Morphological Reinflection: Generalization Across Languages. 18th SIGMORPHON Workshop on Computational Research in Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology.
2011Evidentiality in Uzbek and Kazakh. PhD diss. University of Chicago. (Handout)
2009Exceptional Case Marking in Uzbek Complementizer Clauses. In Bochnak, Klecha, Lemieux, Nicola, Urban, and Weaver (eds.) Proceedings of the Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society.
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Proceedings from the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society. With Jacqueline Bunting, Sapna Desai, Robert Peachey, and Zuzana Tomková. Chicago, IL: Chicago Linguistic Society.


2023A History of State Documents Classifications.
American Library Assocation Annual Conference & Exhibition, June 22-27, 2023.
Poster, Accompanying Website
2021Documenting a Call Number System: Challenges and Lessons Learned.
Emporia State University School of Library & Information Management Webinar, July 22, 2021.
Video, Slides
2021Documenting and Preserving a Call Number System: Lessons Learned.
American Library Assocation Annual Conference and Exhibition Virtual, June 23-29, 2021.
2020Evidentiality in Uzbek and Kazakh.
Colloquium. Department of Linguistics. Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, January 29, 2020.
2010Grammaticalization without Grammaticalization: the Case of Uzbek Complementation.
Linguistic Society of America, Baltimore, January 7-10, 2010.
2008History vs. Theory: The Grammaticalization of the Uzbek say-Complementizers.
Poznań Linguistic Meeting 39, CEG, September 11-14, 2008.
2006Noun Incorporation and Case: Evidence from Sakha.
Berkeley Linguistics Society 32, UC Berkeley, February 10-12, 2006.

Teaching Experience

Northeastern Illinois University
2019-Library Instruction for the TESOL, Linguistics, and Philosophy Departments and for the School for the Advancement of English Language and Learning (SAELL)
University of Chicago
2012Teaching Assistant, Prof. John Goldsmith, Intro to Linguistics, Spring Quarter
2011Instructor, Uzbek 103, Spring Quarter
2011Guest Lecture: “Mixed Languages”, for Jacqueline Bunting, Introduction to Pidgins and Creoles, Feb 22
2010Instructor, Languages of the World, Spring Quarter
2009Guest Lecture: “Turkic Languages”, for Kjersti Stensrud, Languages of the World, Feb 5
2008Teaching Assistant, Prof. Amy Dahlstrom, Morphology, Spring Quarter
2008Guest Lecture: “Language Classification”, for Erik Levin, Intro to Linguistics 3, May 1


2023-North American Vexillological Association
2019-State Documents Collaborative Group
2019-American Library Association
2006-2011, 2020-2021Linguistic Society of America


2022/23Co-coordinator, NIDL (Northeastern Illinois Documents Librarians)
2020/21-2023/24Member, Northeastern Illinois University Faculty Senate
Chair, Senate Ad-hoc Committee on Junior Faculty (2021/22)
Member, Senate Shared Governance Committee (2022/23)
2020/21-2023/24Member, Northeastern Illinois University Faculty Council on Technology
Secretary (2021/22)
Chair (2022/23)
2006Chair, Morphology and Syntax Review Committees
Chicago Linguistic Society 43
42nd Annual Meeting of Chicago Linguistics Society
Chicago Linguistic Society

Professional Experience

Archiv orientální
Language Science Press
2015Manuscript review
Muhamedowa, Raihan. 2016. Kazakh: A Comprehensive Grammar. Milton Park: Routledge.
Chicago Linguistic Society 46
2010Field Research
Kazakh - Almaty, Kazakhstan
2009Reviewer, Syntax and Morphology, Socio- and Historical Linguistics
Chicago Linguistic Society 45
2006-07Research Assistant
Prof. Chris Kennedy, Research Project “Parameters of Comparison”, supported by National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Linguistics, University of Chicago


AdvancedSpanish, Uzbek, Turkish
BasicKazakh, Italian, Russian
Coding and Markup Languages
AdvancedHTML, SQL
IntermediateLaTeX, PHP, CSS, MARC, XML


Library Science
metadata, cataloging, serials, databases, character encoding
typology, historical linguistics, syntax, morphology, Turkic languages