The Nakata-Strange Classification System

Department on Aging

    A 1.1/2:
Annual Joint Report to the Governor and the Illinois General Assembly on P.A.

    A 1.9:
Accent on Aging

    A 1.10:

    A 1.10/2:
replaces News

    A 1.11:
State Plan on Aging

    A 1.12:
Illinois Human Services Plan

    A 1.13:
Annual Report on Illinois Information and Referred Network for the Elderly

    A 1.14:
Network News

    A 1.15:
Senior News

    A 1.16:
Annual Report on Illinois Nursing Home Ombudsman Program

    A 1.17:
Elder Abuse and Neglect Program

    A 1.18:
Report on Elder Abuse in Illinois

    A 1.19:
Eldercare Illinois

    A 1.20:
Community Care…Helping Older People to Live Independently: Annual Report

    A 1.21:
Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

    A 1.22:
Elder Abuse and Neglect Program - Annual Report

    A 1.23:
Elder Rights Update

    A 1.24:
Special Needs of Illinois Minority Senior Citizens

    A 1.25:
Illinois Reads

    A 1.26:
Health Care Partnership for Long Term Care

    A 1.27:
Community Based Residential Facilities Demonstration Project Public Act 89-520

    A 1.28:
State and Federal Programs for the Aging

    A 1.29:
Illinois Minority Senior Citizens

    A 1.29/2:
Serving Minority Seniors

    A 1.30:
Help with your Medication

    A 1.31:
Housing Directory for Illinois Seniors

    A 1.32:
FY…Home Delivered Meals Report

    A 1.33:
Older Adult Services Act

    A 1.34:
Affirmative Action Plan

  A 2.
Program Planning Division

  A 3.
Field Services Division

Department of Audits

  AD 2.
Auditor General Office

Department of Aeronautics
merged with TD Department of Transportation in August 30 1973

    Ae 1.1/2:
Annual Statistical Report

    Ae 1.9:
Aeronautical Chart

    Ae 1.10:
Chicago O'Hare International Airport

    Ae 1.11:
Illinois Aviation

    Ae 1.12:
VFR Radio Chart

    Ae 1.13:
Radio Frequency Chart

    Ae 1.14:
Illinois Airport Directory

  Ae 2.
Airport system plan

Department of Agriculture

    Ag 1.9:
Agscene (Illinois Agricultural Scene)

    Ag 1.11:
Annual Farm Census

    Ag 1.12:
Illinois Hay Directory

    Ag 1.12/2:
Illinois Hay and Straw Directory

    Ag 1.13:
Directory of Services (IL Dept. of Agriculture)

    Ag 1.14:
Pick Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

    Ag 1.15:
Roadside Markets

    Ag 1.16:
List of Certified IL Nurseries

    Ag 1.16/2:
List of Certified IL Nursery Stock Dealers

    Ag 1.17:
IL Agricultural Buyers Guide

    Ag 1.18:
IL Grain & Livestock Market News

    Ag 1.19:
Directory of Sponsoring Organizations - IL Ag. Legislature

    Ag 1.20:
Export Update
Illinois Commerical Fertilizer Tonnage Report - see IL Ag 10.9

    Ag 1.21:
Illinois Voluntary Limestone Program Producer Information

    Ag 1.22:
Annual Farmland Conversion Report

    Ag 1.24:
Agricultural Areas Annual Report

    Ag 1.25:
Marketing Perspectives

    Ag 1.26:
Pseudorabies Newsletter

    Ag 1.27:
Registered Custom Mixers
see IL Ag 10.11

    Ag 1.28:
Illinois Agriculture

    Ag 1.29:
Illinois Commercial Feed Laboratory Analysis

    Ag 1.30:

    Ag 1.31:
Animal Health Newsletter

    Ag 1.32:
Illinois Agricultural Day Sponsor Directory

    Ag 1.33:
Illinois Registered Custom Mixers

    Ag 1.34:
Affirmative Action Plan

  Ag 3.
Division of Feeds, Fertilizers and Standards

  Ag 4.
Division of County Fairs

  Ag 5.
Division of Meat, Poultry and Livestock Inspection

  Ag 6.
Division of Soil and Water Conservation

  Ag 7.
Division of Plant Industry

  Ag 8.
Advisory Council on Consumer Affairs

  Ag 9.
Illinois Cooperative Crop Reporting Service

  Ag 10.
Agricultural Industry Regulation Division

    Ag 10.9:
Illinois Commercial Fertilizer Tonnage Report
earlier Ag 3.9

  Ag 11.
Warehouses Bureau

    Ag 11.10:
Illinois Commercial Feed Laboratory Analysis
earlier Ag 3.10

  Ag 12.
Natural Resources Division

    Ag 12.11:
Registered Custom Mixers

  Ag 13.
Marketing and Agricultural Services Division
Do not use

  Ag 14.
State Fair Division

  Ag 15.
Fairs and Horse Racing Division

  Ag 16.
Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service

    Ag 16.1:
Illinois Agricultural Statistics - Annual Summary
earlier Ag 9.3/1

    Ag 16.5:
Illinois' Position (Posture) in the Nation's Agriculture
previously Ag 9.5

    Ag 16.9:
Illinois Weather & Crops

    Ag 16.9/2:
Illinois Weather & Crops Summary

    Ag 16.10:
Illinois Farm Report

    Ag 16.10/2:
Illinois and Midwest Farm Finance Report

    Ag 16.11:
Illinois Farm Facts

    Ag 16.12:
Illinois Lumber Prices Suvey

    Ag 16.12/2:
Illinois Timber Prices (Survey)

    Ag 16.13:
Illinois County Estimates

    Ag 16.14:
Illinois County Statistics

Air Pollution Control Board

    AP 1.9:
Air Sampling Network

Administrative Services Department
See also F Department of Finance

    AS 1.9:
DA Service Update

  AS 2.
Management Information and Communication Office

  AS 3.
Procurement Office

  AS 4.
Purchasing Division

Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Department

    ASA 1.9:
Comprehensive state plan for alcoholism and substance abuse services for FY…

    ASA 1.9/2:
Comprehensive state plan and human services plan for the prevention/intervention/treatment of alcoholism and other drug dependency for FY…

    ASA 1.10:
Directory of IL alcoholism and substance abuse treatment services

    ASA 1.11:
Juvenile drug abuse fund report to the IL General Assembly

    ASA 1.11/2:
Youth drug abuse prevention fund report to the General Assembly

    ASA 1.12:
Prevention forum

    ASA 1.13:
Training resource catalog

    ASA 1.14:
DASA needs assessment series report

Attorney General

  At 2.
Consumer Fraud Division

Auditor of Public Accounts

Department of Business and Economic Development

  B 3.
Division of Water and Natural Resources

  B 4.
International Trade Division

  B 5.
Division of Industrial Development and Division of Community Development

  B 6.
Division of Tourism

  B 7.
Division of Local and Regional Planning

  B 8.
Division of Research and Development

  B 9.
International Transportation Office

  B 10.
Industrial Development

  B 11.
Energy Division

  B 12.
Public Affairs Division

  B 13.
Minority Business Enterprise Office

Board of Administration

Ad Hoc Committee on Bibliographic Data for State Publications


Constitutional Convention

  CC 1.
Works on Con-Cons in general

  CC 2.
1818 Convention

  CC 3.
1848 Convention

  CC 4.
1869-70 Convention

  CC 5.
1922-23 Convention

  CC 6.
1967-70 Convention

Coalition for Community Services

Civil Defense Agency and Office of Emergency Preparedness

Capital Development Board

Commerce and Economic Opportunity Department

  CEO 2.
Tourism Bureau

  CEO 3.
Energy and Recycling Bureau

  CEO 4.
Small Business Development Center Network

  CEO 5.
Business Finance Division

  CEO 6.
Industrial Services Division

  CEO 7.
First Stop Business Information Center

  CEO 8.
Economic Development Board

  CEO 9.
Small Business Environmental Assistance Program

  CEO 10.
Local Government Management Services

  CEO 11.
Business Development Bureau

  CEO 12.
Electric Vehicle Advisory Council

Department of Children and Family Services

  Ch 2.
Community Relations Office

  Ch 3.
Child Development Office

  Ch 4.
African-American Advisory Council

    Ch 4.9:
AAAC Newsletter

Commerce and Community Affairs Department

  CM 2.
Government and Community Services Division

  CM 3.
Statewide Employment and Training Section

  CM 4.
International Business Office

  CM 5.
Local Management Services Office

  CM 6.
Tourism Office

  CM 7.
Resources Conservation Office

  CM 8.
Main Street Program

  CM 9.
Job Training Coordinationg Council

  CM 10.
Office of the Small Business Utility Advocate

  CM 11.
Energy and Recycling Bureau

  CM 12.
Coal Development and Marketing Office

  CM 14.
Small Business Division

Central Management Services Department

  CMS 2.
Minority and Female Business Enterprise Council

  CMS 3.
Illinois Century Network

Conservation Department
→ DNR Department of Natural Resources after Jul 1995

    Co 1.1:
Annual Report

    Co 1.1/2:
Annual E.E.O. Report

    Co 1.2:
General Publications

      Co 1.2:RE 311/4/(year)
Outdoor Recreation in Illinois action plan

    Co 1.3:
Bulletins, technical

    Co 1.3:
Open Spaces - Family Places

    Co 1.5:

    Co 1.6:
Regulations, rules, instructions

    Co 1.8:
Handbooks, manuals, guides

    Co 1.9:
Fishing roundup

    Co 1.10:
Illinois Conservation Today

    Co 1.11:
Land and water acreage facilities

    Co 1.11/2:
Land and water report

    Co 1.12:
Directory of Illinois nature preserves

    Co 1.13:
Waterfowl and migratory birds

    Co 1.14:
Illinois hunting information

    Co 1.15:
Archery deer permit information

    Co 1.16:
Firearm deer hunting information

    Co 1.16/2:
Firearm deer permit application and information

    Co 1.17:
Free landowner of tenant deer permit application information

    Co 1.18:
Paid landowner or tenant deer permit application information

    Co 1.19:
Planning update

    Co 1.20:
llinois public hunting areas

    Co 1.21:
Personnel directory

    Co 1.22:
Illinois public trapping areas

    Co 1.23:
Waterfowl hunting information

    Co 1.24:
Legislative Report

    Co 1.25:
Illinois Natural Areas Inventory (fiche)

    Co 1.26:
Action for the Eighties and Beyond

    Co 1.27:
Calendar of Events

    Co 1.28:
Kids for Conservation

    Co 1.29:
Illinois State Park Lodges

    Co 1.31:
Conservation Update

  Co 3.
Division of Law Enforcement

  Co 4.
Forestry division
= Forest Resources and Natural Heritage Division

  Co 4.
Division of Forestry

    Co 4.9:
State Forests

    Co 4.10:
Sources of Illinois grown Christmas trees (Central Area)

    Co 4.10/2:
Sources of Illinois grown Christmas trees (Southern Area)

    Co 4.10/3:
Sources of Illinois grown Christmas trees (Chicago Area)

    Co 4.10/4:
Sources of Illinois grown Christmas trees (Northern Area)

    Co 4.10/5:
Sources of Illinois grown Christmas trees (Quint City Area)

    Co 4.10/6:
Sources of Illinois grown Christmas trees (Peoria-Pekin Area)

    Co 4.10/7:
Sources of Illinois grown Christmas trees (East St. Louis Area)

    Co 4.10/8:
Illinois-grown Christmas trees

  Co 5.
Information/education division

  Co 5.
Division of Education

    Co 5.2:
General publications

    Co 5.9:

    Co 5.10:
Outdoor Highlights

    Co 5.10/2:
Outdoor Illinois

    Co 5.11:
State memorials

    Co 5.11/2:
Conservation area

    Co 5.11/3:
State Park

    Co 5.11/4:

  Co 6.
Division of Land Management
= Historic Sites Division (?1976-1984?)
= Division of Parks and Memorials (pre-1976?)
= Bureau of Public Lands

    Co 6.2:
General publications

    Co 6.8:
Handbooks, manuals, guides

    Co 6.11:
State memorials (brochures)

    Co 6.11/2:
Conservation area (brochures)

    Co 6.11/3:
State Park (brochures)

    Co 6.11/4:
State Forest (brochures)

    Co 6.11/5:
Fish and Wildlife areas (brochures)

    Co 6.11/6:
State Historic Site (brochures)

    Co 6.11/7:
State Natural Area (brochures)

    Co 6.11/8:
Nature Preserve and State Park (brochures)

    Co 6.11/9:
State Recreation Area (brochures)

    Co 6.11/10:
Self-guiding Nature Trail (brochures)

    Co 6.11/11:
Travel guides (brochures)

    Co 6.11/12:
Rest area (brochures)

    Co 6.12:
Daily rates in Illinois State Parks

    Co 6.13:
Historic Illinois
changed to IL HP 2.9

    Co 6.14:
Illinois preservation calendar

    Co 6.15:
Illinois preservation series

  Co 7.
Division of Fisheries
Previously Division of Fish and Wildlife Resources

    Co 7.9:
Special fisheries reports

    Co 7.10:
Surface water resources

    Co 7.10/2:
Inventory of Illinois Surface Water Resources

    Co 7.11:
Illinois Fishing Prospects

    Co 7.12:
Illinois Fishing Information

    Co 7.13:
Periodic Report

    Co 7.14:
Illinois fish
Information sheet -- cutter by fish name

  Co 8.
Division of Wildlife Resources

  Co 9.
Tourism Division

  Co 10.
Long Range Planning

  Co 11.
Conservation Services Office

  Co 12.
Natural Resources Management

  Co 13.
Young Adult Conservation Corps

  Co 14.
Grant Administration Division
Do not use - See Conservation Dept

  Co 15.
Natural Heritage Division

  Co 16.
Endangered Species Protection Board

Civil Service Commission

Illinois Coastal Zone Management Program

Department of Corrections

  DC 2.
Research and Long Range Planning

  DC 3.
Bureau of Detention Standards and Services

  DC 5.
Policy Development Division

Directors of Departments

Decatur Public Library
Funded by LSCA Grant

Department of Human Services

  DHS 10.
Disability and Behavioral Health Services

  DHS 11.
Office of the Inspector General

  DHS 12.
Office of Rehabilitation Services

  DHS 13.
Office of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities

  DHS 14.
Human Capital Development Division

  DHS 15.
Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

  DHS 16.
Family Health Office

Department of Natural Resources

  DNR 10.
Office of Natural Resources

  DNR 11.
Division of Fisheries

  DNR 12.
Division of Wildlife Resources

  DNR 13.
Division of Forest Resources

  DNR 14.
Natural Heritage Division

  DNR 20.
Office of Water Resources

  DNR 21.
Division of Adminstrative Services

  DNR 22.
Division of Planning and Evaluation

  DNR 23.
Division of Program Development

  DNR 24.
Division of Project Implementation

  DNR 25.
Division of Water Resource Management

  DNR 30.
Office of Administration

  DNR 31.
Division of Administrative Support

  DNR 32.
Employee Services Division

  DNR 33.
Systems and Licensing Division

  DNR 40.
Office of Mines and Minerals

  DNR 41.
Abandoned Mined Lands Division

  DNR 42.
Mine Safety and Training Division

  DNR 43.
Oil and Gas Division

  DNR 44.
Land Reclamation Division

  DNR 50.
Office of Scientific Research and Analysis

  DNR 51.
State Geological Survey

  DNR 52.
State Water Survey

  DNR 53.
Natural History Survey

  DNR 54.
Hazardous Waste Research and Information Center

  DNR 55.
State Museum

  DNR 56.
Waste Management and Research Center

  DNR 60.
Office of Realty and Environmental Planning

  DNR 61.
Division of Planning

  DNR 62.
Division of Energy and Environmental Assessment

  DNR 63.
Division of Impact Review and Coordination

  DNR 64.
Division of Realty

  DNR 65.
Division of Regional Operations

  DNR 70.
Office of Land Management and Education

  DNR 71.
Division of Land Management

  DNR 72.
Division of Education

  DNR 80.
Office of Law Enforcement

  DNR 90.
Office of Public Services

  DNR 91.
Marketing Services

  DNR 92.
Publication Services

  DNR 93.
Photographic Services

  DNR 94.
Constituency Services

  DNR 100.
Office of Capital Development

  DNR 101.
Division of Engineering

  DNR 102.
Division of Grant Administration

  DNR 110.
Illinois Geographic Information Council

State Election Board

Equal Employment Opportunity Department

Illinois Energy Coordinator

Early Learning Council

Emergency Services and Disaster Agency

  EM 2.
Emergency Management Agency

Environmental Protection Agency

  EP 2.
Air Pollution Control Division

    EP 2.1:
Semi-annual report to U.S. EPA

    EP 2.1/2:
Annual report, IEPA emergency response

    EP 2.9:
Air Sampling Network

    EP 2.10:
Operating permit application

    EP 2.11:
A, - nos.

    EP 2.12:
Annual air quality report

    EP 2.13:
Monthly air quality report

    EP 2.14:
Directory of air quality monitoring sites

    EP 2.15:
Ambient air quality data

    EP 2.16:
Illinois air pollution control program plan

    EP 2.16/2:
Illinois air pollution control program plan preliminary

    EP 2.16/3:
Final air pollution control program plan

    EP 2.17:
Air issues

    EP 2.18:
IL state implementation plan for air pollution control
cutter by county

    EP 2.19:
Clean air newsletter

    EP 2.20:
Partner news

    EP 2.21:
Annual performance review report

    EP 2.22:
Report to the IL General Assembly in response to HR 405

    EP 2.23:
Illinois periodic emission inventory and milestone demonstration for…

  EP 3.
Water Pollution Control

  EP 4.
Land Pollution Control

  EP 5.
Noise Pollution Control

  EP 6.
Public Water Supplies Division

  EP 7.
Laboratory Services Division

  EP 8.
Public Affairs Division

  EP 9.
Task Force on Agriculture non-point sources of pollution

  EP 10.
Land/Noise Pollution Control Division

  EP 11.
Office of Chemical Safety

  EP 12.
Office of Public Information

  EP 13.
Office of Ecotoxicology

  EP 14.
Community Water Supply Testing Council

  EP 15.
Office of Pollution Prevention

Institute for Environmental Quality

Employment Security Department

  ES 2.
Board of Review

Board of Ethics

Department of Finance

  F 2.
Management Information Division

Fair Employment Practices Commission

Department of Financial Institutions

  FI 2.
Consumer Credit Division

  FI 2.
Consumer Credit Division

  FI 3.
Credit Union Division

  FI 3.
Credit Unions

  FI 4.
Consumer Finance Division

  FM 2.
Office of the State Fire Marshall

Illinois Film Office

Financial and Professional Institutions


  G 4.
Bureau of the Budget

  G 5.
Governor's Committee on Voluntary Action

  G 6.
Office of Human Resources

  G 7.
Governor's Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee

  G 8.
Governor's Advisory Council

  G 9.
Comprehensive State Health Planning Agency

  G 10.
Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped

  G 11.
Planning and Analysis and Department Finance Office

  G 12.
Manpower and Human Development

  G 13.
Governor's Task Force on Flood Control

  G 14.
Governor's Task Force on School Finance

  G 15.
Governor's Task Force on Schools

  G 16.
Governor's Task Force on Mortgage Practices

  G 17.
Governor's Advisory Council on Manpower

  G 18.
Governor's Commission on Individual Liberty and Personal Freedom

  G 19.
Governor's Working Conference on Day Care

  G 20.
Interdepartmental Committee on Mental Retardation

  G 21.
Governor's Revenue Study Committee

  G 22.
Governor's Task Force on Public Transportation in Northeastern Illinois

  G 23.
Governor's Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities

  G 24.
Governor's Comms. For Rev. of Mental Health Code of Illinois

  G 25.
Governor's Comms. on State Mandated Programs

  G 26.
Governor's Science and Technology Task Force

  G 27.
Governor's Advisory Commission on Taxes

  G 28.
Governor's Council on Health and Fitness

  G 29.
Governor's Cost Control Task Force

  G 30.
Governor's Jail and Detention Standards Review Committee

  G 31.
Governor's Task Force on High Technology

  G 32.
Governor's Task Force on Homeownership

  G 33.
Governor's Committee on the International Year of the Disabled Person

  G 34.
Governor's Task Force on Block Grant Implementation

  G 35.
Governor Otto Kerner

    G 35.9:
Addresses, messages, executive orders, etc.

    G 35.10:
Commisions, etc.

  G 36.
Governor Sam Shapiro

    G 36.9:
Addresses, messages, executive orders, etc.

    G 36.10:
Commisions, etc.

  G 37.
Governor Richard Ogilvie

    G 37.9:
Addresses, messages, executive orders, etc.

    G 37.10:
Commisions, etc.

  G 38.
Governor Dan Walker

    G 38.9:
Addresses, messages, executive orders, etc.

    G 38.10:
Commisions, etc.

  G 39.
Governor James R. Thompson

    G 39.9:
Addresses, messages, executive orders, etc.

    G 39.10:
Commisions, etc.

  G 40.
Governor Jim Edgar

    G 40.9:
Addresses, messages, executive orders, etc.

    G 40.10:
Commisions, etc.

  G 41.
Governor George Ryan

    G 41.9:
Addresses, messages, executive orders, etc.

    G 41.10:
Commisions, etc.

  G 42.
Governor Rod Blagojevich

    G 42.9:
Addresses, messages, executive orders, etc.

    G 42.10:
Commisions, etc.

  G 43.
Governor Pat Quinn

    G 43.9:
Addresses, messages, executive orders, etc.

    G 43.10:
Commisions, etc.

  G 44.
Governor Bruce Rauner

    G 44.9:
Addresses, messages, executive orders, etc.

    G 44.10:
Commisions, etc.

  G 45.
Governor J. B. Pritzker

    G 45.9:
Addresses, messages, executive orders, etc.

    G 45.10:
Commisions, etc.

  G 101.
Governor's Task Force on Children

  G 102.
Governor's Task Force on the Management of the Illinois Bureau of Employment Security

  G 103.
Governor's Task Force on Prison Crowding

  G 104.
Governor's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives

  G 105.
Governor's Chemical Safety Task Force

  G 106.
Governor's Task Force on Medical Malpractice

  G 107.
Governor's Commission on Election Reform

  G 108.
Governor's Transportation Task Force for Individuals with Disabilities

  G 109.
Governor's Task Force on Horse Racing in Illinois

  G 110.
Governor's Office of Voluntary Action

  G 111.
Governor's Task Force on the Future of Mental Health in Illinois
skip - see G 114

  G 112.
Governor's Task Force on Homeless Youth

  G 113.
Governor's Office of Planning

  G 114.
Governor's Task Force on the Future of Mental Health in Illinois

  G 115.
Governor's Task Force on Welfare Reform

  G 116.
Governor's Task Force on the Future of Rural Illinois

  G 117.
Governor's Radon Task Force

  G 118.
Governor's Task Force on Detention Standards

  G 119.
Governor's Task Force on Day Care

  G 133.
Governor's Task Force on Low-Income Energy Issues

  G 134.
Governor's Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes

  G 135.
Governor's Commission on Capital Punishment

  G 136.
Office of Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois Government

  G 137.
Illinois P-20 Council

General Assembly

  GA 2.

  GA 3.
House of Representatives

  GA 4.
Women's Advocate Office (House)

  GA 5.
Citizens Assembly

Governor's Office
Only used by libraries with historic collections; used for the purpose of distinguishing publications of the Governor's Office from those of the Governor

Department of General Services

  GS 2.
Illinois Information Service

  GS 3.
Procurement Division

  GS 4.
Division of Telecommunications

Goundwater Consortium

Higher Education System

  HE 1.
Board of Higher Education

  HE 5.
University of Illinois Board of Trustees

  HE 10.
Board of Governors of State Colleges and Universities

  HE 12.
Teachers College Board

  HE 15.
Board of Regents

  HE 20.
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

  HE 21.
Coordinated Science Laboratory

  HE 22.
College of Agriculture

  HE 23.
Agricultural Economics Department

  HE 24.
Agricultural Engineering Departnent

  HE 25.
Agricultural Experiment Station

    HE 25.9:
Illinois Agricultural Economics

    HE 25.10:
Progress Report on the Potentialities of Regulating and Utilizing Agronomic Species on Strip-Mined Area in Illinois

  HE 26.
Building Research Council

  HE 27.
Educational Research Bureau

  HE 28.
Computer Science Department

  HE 29.
College of Commerce and Business Administration

  HE 30.
Civil Engineering Department

  HE 31.
Center of International Education and Research in Accounting

  HE 32.
College of Engineering

  HE 33.
Bureau of Economics and Business Research

  HE 34.
Engineering Experiment Station

  HE 35.
Fine and Applied Arts College

  HE 36.
Institute of Government and Public Affairs

  HE 37.
Institute of Communications Research

  HE 38.
Bureau of Institutional Research

  HE 39.
Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations

  HE 40.
School of Music

  HE 41.
Illinois Mothers' Association

  HE 42.
Office of Public Opinion

  HE 43.
Bureau of Community Planning

  HE 44.
Department of Political Science

  HE 45.
Survey Research Laboratory

  HE 46.
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Department

  HE 47.
University Extension

  HE 48.
Urban and Regional Planning Department

  HE 49.
Water Resources Center

  HE 50.
Committee on Housing Research and Development

  HE 51.
Department of Advertising

  HE 52.
Office of Public Information

  HE 53.
Institute for Research on Exceptional Children

  HE 54.
College of Education

  HE 55.
Department of Health and Safety Education

  HE 56.
Communications College

  HE 57.

  HE 58.
Department of Geography

  HE 59.
Department of Recreation and Park Administration

  HE 60.
Law Library

  HE 61.
Medical Center

  HE 62.
Office of School and College Relations

  HE 63.
Small Homes Council

  HE 64.
Urbana Press

  HE 65.
University of Illinois at Chicago

  HE 66.
Services for Crippled Children Division
official state agency under administration of UI

  HE 67.
Illinois Virtual Campus. Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

  HE 78.
Sangamon State University
University of Illinois Springfield after 1995

  HE 79.
Western Illinois University

  HE 80.
Southern Illinois University

  HE 85.
Illinois State University

  HE 90.
Northern Illinois University

  HE 91.
Northeastern Illinois University

  HE 95.
Junior College Board

  HE 110.
State Universities Retirement System

  HE 120.
University Civil Service System of Illinois

  HE 130.
Joint Council on Higher Education

Health Facilities Authority

Healthcare and Family Services

  HFS 2.
Child Support Enforcement Division

State of Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

State Historical Library

  HL 2.
Historical Society

Homeland Security

  HLS 2.
Illinois Terrorism Task Force

Historic Preservation Department

  HP 2.
Preservation Services Division

  HP 3.
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Human Rights Department

Office of Human Relations

State Horticultural Society

Interagency Cooperation Office

Commerce Commission

  IC 2.
Consumer Services Division

  IC 3.
Retail Market Development

Department of Insurance

  In 2.
Public Employees Pension Fund Division

  In 3.
Pension Division

  In 4.
Consumer Health Insurance Office

Illinois Power Agency

Juvenile Justice Department

Judicial Branch

  Ju 1.
Administrative Office of Illinois Courts

    Ju 1.1/2:
Annual Report of the Illinois Courts Administrative Summary

    Ju 1.1/3:
Annual Report…Statistical Summary

    Ju 1.9:
Report of the Illinois Judicial Committee

    Ju 1.10:
Report of the Illinois General Assembly on the Use of Eavesdropping Devices During…

    Ju 1.11:
Court-Administered Mandatory Arbitration to the General Assembly FY Annual Report

  Ju 3.
Court of Claims

  Ju 6.
Supreme Court

  Ju 7.
Appellate Courts

  Ju 8.
Illinois Courts Commision

  Ju 9.
Office of the State Appellate Defender

  Ju 10.
Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois

Department of Labor

  L 2.
Bureau of Employment Security

  L 3.
State Employment Service

  L 4.
Division of Statistics, Programs and Publications

  L 5.
Human Services Manpower Career Center

  L 6.
Unemployment Compensation Division

  L 7.
Labor Standards Division

  L 8.
Carnival and Amusement Rides Inspection Division

  L 8.
Safety Inspection and Education Division

Department of Law Enforcement

  LE 2.
State Police

  LE 3.
Bureau of Identificaion

  LE 4.
Bureau of Investigation

  LE 5.
Division of Fire Prevention

  LE 6.
Division of Boiler Inspection

  LE 7.
Juvenile Officers Information File

  LE 8.
I-SEARCH Program

Department of Local Government Affairs

  LG 2.
Office of Community Services

  LG 3.
Office of Research and Planning

  LG 4.
Office of Housing and Buildings

  LG 5.
Office of Financial Affairs

Legislative Information System

Lieutenant Governor

  LtG 2.
Lieutenant Governor's Office of Volunteer Services

  LtG 3.
Illinois River Strategy Team

  LtG 4.
Special Task Force of the Condition and Future of the Illinois Energy Infrastructure

Military and Naval Department

Department of Mental Health

  MH 2.
Division of Mental Retardation Services

  MH 3.
Drug Abuse Program

  MH 4.
Institute for Juvenile Research

  MH 5.
Mental Health Planning Board

  MH 6.
State Psychiatric Institute

  MH 7.
Learning Media Institute

  MH 8.
Adler Zone Center

    MH 8.1/2:
Motor Performance and Play Research Lab Annual Report

    MH 8.9:

  MH 10.
Division of Planning and Evaluation

Mental Health and Development Disabilities

  MHD 2.
Legal Services Division

  MHD 5.
Mental Health Planning Board

  MHD 6.
State Psychiatric Institute

    MHD 8.9:

Mid-Illinois Medical District

Department of Mines and Minerals

  MM 2.
Land Reclamation Division

Illinois National Guard

Department of Energy and Natural Resources
see also RE Department of Registration and Education

  NR 2.
Energy Conservation Division

  NR 3.
Alternative Energy Division

  NR 4.
Environmental Management Division

  NR 5.
Solar Office

  NR 6.
Coal Research Board

  NR 7.
Solid Waste and Renewable Resources Office

  NR 8.
Energy and Environmental Affairs Division

  NR 9.
University of Illinois Center for Solid Waste Management and Research

  NR 10.
Recycling and Waste Reduction Office

Nuclear Safety Department

Office of Education

  OE 4.
Instruction Division, Instruction Services Section, Media Services Department

  OE 5.
Research Statistics and Evaluation Department

  OE 6.
Educational Media and Information Services

  OE 8.
Governmental Relations Division

  OE 9.
Recognition and Supervision Department

  OE 10.
Migrant Education Section

  OE 11.
Board of Vocational Education and Rehabilitation

  OE 12.
Public Personnel Services Department

  OE 13.
Finance and Claims Section

  OE 14.
Exceptional Children Department

  OE 15.
Adult Vocational and Technical Education Department

    OE 15.1/2:
Annual Program Plan for Vocational Education in Illinois (3 and 5 year)

    OE 15.1/3:
Accountability Report for Vocational Education in Illinois

    OE 15.1/4:
Annual Report, FY… Vocational/Technical Education in Illinois

    OE 15.1/5:
Adult Education Annual Report

    OE 15.1/6:
FY…Education for Employment Progress Report (annual)

    OE 15.9:
Illinois Vocational Education Journal
formerly IL VE 3.9:, previously called Illinois Career Education Journal

    OE 15.10:
ECCMC Special Bibliography in Vocational and Career Education

    OE 15.11:
Vocational Education Personnel in Illinois

  OE 16.
Teacher's Retirement System

  OE 17.
ESEA Titles

  OE 18.
Program Planning and Development Section

  OE 19.
Vocational and Technical Education Division

  OE 20.
Ethic Education Section

  OE 21.
Transitional Bilingual Education Department

  OE 22.
Specialized Education Services

  OE 23.
State Teacher Certification Board

  OE 24.
Safety Education Pupil Transporation

  OE 25.
Legal Division

  OE 26.
Local Educational Agency Services Department

  OE 27.
Budget and Finance Department

  OE 28.
Planning, Research and Evaluation Department

  OE 29.
Food and Nutrition Department

  OE 30.
LEA Services Department

  OE 31.
East Central Curriculum Management Center

  OE 32.
Finance and Reimbursements Department

  OE 33.
Technical Advisory Panel

  OE 34.
Transition Coordinating Council
previously Interagency Coordinating Council

  OE 35.
Illinois Resource Center

  OE 36.
Student Advisory Council

  OE 37.
School Wellness Policy Task Force

  OE 38.
Illinois Task Force on Reenrolling Students who Dropped out of School

  OE 39.
Illinois Growth Model Task Force

  OE 40.
School Bullying Prevention Task Force

Department of Personnel

  P 2.
Public and Employee Information

  P 3.
Training Division

  P 4.
Employee Development Division

Department of Public Aid
formerly Public Aid Commision; Y3.P97/2

  PA 2.
Services for Aging Section

  PA 3.
Coalition against Sexual Assault

  PA 4.
Health Care Reform Task Force

  PA 5.
Domestic Violence Advisory Council

  PA 6.
Office of Inspector General

Office of Public Council

Department of Public Health

  PH 3.
Division of Health Care Facilities and Division of Chronic Illness

  PH 4.
Division of Local Health Services

  PH 5.
Division of Food and Drugs

  PH 6.
Division of Sanitary Engineering

  PH 7.
Division of Disease Control
formerly Preventive Medicine Division

  PH 8.
Bureau of Statistics and Office of Vital Records

  PH 9.
Division of Family Health

  PH 10.
Division of Emergency Medical Services

  PH 11.
Environmental Health Bureau

  PH 12.
Education and Information Division

  PH 13.
Division of Dental Health

  PH 14.
Illinois Cooperative Health Information System

  PH 15.
General Sanitation Division

  PH 16.
Consumer Health Protection Office

  PH 17.
State Health Planning and Development Agency

  PH 18.
Radiological Health Division

  PH 19.
Division of Health Facilities Standards

  PH 20.
Epidemiologic Studies Division

  PH 21.
Center for Rural Health

  PH 22.
Women's Health Office

  PH 23.
Illinois Stroke Task Force

Public Health Initiative

Superintendent of Public Education

  PI 3.
Division of Higher and Continuing Education
(includes Adult Education)

  PI 4.
Division of Academic Affairs
(includes Curriculum Program and Instruction Program)

    PI 4.9:

    PI 4.10:
Illinois Resource Management

  PI 5.
Division of Research, Planning and Development
(includes the former Division of Finance and Statistics)

  PI 6.
Department of Exceptional Children
(formerly Special Education Services Division)

  PI 7.
Division of Professional and Pupil Services
(includes Guidance)

  PI 8.
Division of Governmental Relations

  PI 9.
Teachers' Retirement System

  PI 10.
State Teacher Certification Board

  PI 11.
ESEA Titles

  PI 12.

  PI 13.
Placement Section

Department of Professional Regulation

Project Heart

Prevention Resource Center

Department of Public Safety

  PS 2.
Firearm Owners Identification Division

  PS 3.
Narcotic Control Division

  PS 4.
State Highway

  PS 5.
State Penitentiary

  PS 6.
Statistical Office

Department of Public Welfare

Department of Public Works and Buildings

  PWB 2.
Chicago Area Transportation Study

  PWB 3.
Division of Highways

  PWB 4.
Division of Waterways

  PWB 5.
Bureau of Traffic

Department of Revenue

  R 2.
Local Government Affairs

  R 3.
State Lottery

Racing Board

Department of Registration and Education

  RE 3.
State Academy of Science

  RE 4.
Illinois State Museum

  RE 5.
Natural History Survey

  RE 6.
Geological Survey

  RE 7.
Water Survey

  RE 8.
Division of Registration

  RE 9.
Hazardous Waste Research and Information Center

Road Implementation Task Force

Rehabilitation Services Department

  RS 2.
Division of Services for the Hearing Impaired

  RS 3.
Bureau of Disability Determination Services

  RS 4.
School for the Deaf

Secretary of State

  S 2.
State Library

    S 2.6/2:
Illinois Administrative Code

  S 3.
Securities Division

  S 4.
Archives-Records Management Division

  S 5.
Drivers License Division

  S 6.
Fiscal Control Department

  S 7.
Index Division

  S 8.
Management Advisory Committee

  S 9.
Regititle Division

  S 10.
Accounting Revenue Division

    S 10.9:
Motor Vehicles Registered and License Fees Paid

    S 10.9/2:
Motor Vehicles Registered for the Years Classified According to Counties

    S 10.10:
Summary of Motor Vehicle and Other License Fees

    S 10.10/2:
Summary of Motor Vehicle by Other License by Unit

    S 10.11:
Motor Vehicle License Fees Received for (year) by County

    S 10.12:
Motor Vehicle License Unites Received for (year)

  S 11.
Commercial and Farm Truck Division

  S 12.
Merit Commission

  S 13.
Department of Personnel

  S 14.
Corporation Department

  S 15.
Vehicle Services Department

  S 16.
Literacy Council

  S 17.
Department of Police

  S 18.
Administrative Code Division

  S 19.
Preservation Office

  S 20.
Business Services Division

State Fair Agency

State Police Department

  SP 2.
I-SEARCH Program

  SP 3.
Administration Division

  SP 4.
Crime Scene Services Bureau

  SP 5.
Labor Relations and Special Projects Office

Shared Services Program

  SS 2.
Administrative and Regulatory Shared Services Center

    SS 2.9:
Consolidation and Reorganization Activities

  SS 3.
Public Safety Shared Services Center

Illinois Stewardship Committee

State Treasurer

Transportation Department

  TD 2.
Chicago Area Transportation Study

  TD 3.
Division of Highways

  TD 4.
Division of Waterways

  TD 5.
Bureau of Traffic

  TD 6.
Office of Mass Transportation

  TD 7.
Division of Water Resource Management

  TD 8.
Office of Planning, Programming and Environmental Review

  TD 9.
Office of Transportation Safety

  TD 10.
Aeronautics Division
see also Ae

    TD 10.11:
Illinois Aviation

    TD 10.12:
Aeronautical Chart

    TD 10.13:
Chicago O'Hare International Airport

    TD 10.14:
Illinois Airport Directory

    TD 10.15:
Airport Owning Municipalities Directory

    TD 10.16:
Radio Frequency Chart

  TD 11.
Environmental Science Bureau

  TD 12.
Material and Physical Research Development Bureau

  TD 13.
Research and Development Office

  TD 14.
Decatur Area Transportation Planning Process

  TD 15.
Traffic Safety Division

  TD 16.
Champaign/Urbana Transportation Process Policy and Planning Office
see TD 1.

  TD 19.
Location and Environment Division

  TD 20.
Local Roads and Streets

  TD 21.
Railroads Bureau

  TD 22.
Small Business Enterprise Bureau

  TD 23.
Transportation Department and University of Illinois Press

Toll Highway Authority
formerly State Toll Highway Commission

Toll Highway Authority

Department of Veterans Affairs

Board of Vocational Education and Rehabilitation

  VE 2.
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

  VE 3.
Division of Vocational and Technical Education

  Y 3.
Non-Legislative Boards, Commissions, and Committees

    Y 3.A 16:
Access to Benefits and Services Task Force

    Y 3.A 25:
Illinois Commission on African-American Males

    Y 3.A 25/2:
African-American Family Commission

    Y 3.A 26:
Agent Orange Study Commission

    Y 3.A 28:
AIDS Interdisciplinary Advisory Council

    Y 3.A 62:
States Attorney's Appellate Prosecutor

    Y 3.A 64:
States Attorney's Appellate Service Commission

    Y 3.A 79:
Asbestos Containment and Removal Advisory Council

    Y 3.Ar 73:
Armory Board

    Y 3.Ar 79:
Arts Council

    Y 3.Ar 79/2:
Advisory Commission on Financing the Arts in Illinois

    Y 3.B 21:
Commissioner of Banks and Trust Companies

    Y 3.B 21/2:
Office of Banks and Real Estates

    Y 3.B 251:
Collective Bargaining Office

    Y 3.B 27:
Barrington Area Development Council

    Y 3.B 58:
Bicentennial Commission

    Y 3.B 62:
Bi-State Metropolitan Planning Commission

    Y 3.B 93:
Building Authority

    Y 3.B 93/2:
Building Bond Board

    Y 3.B 97:
Business Management Study Committee

    Y 3.C 21:
Board of Canal Commissioners

    Y 3.C 24:
Capital City Planning Commission

    Y 3.C 39:
Centennial Commission

    Y 3.C 53:
Chicago Transit Authority

    Y 3.C 53/2:
Chicago Regional Port District

    Y 3.C 53/5:
Chicago Public Library/Chicago Library System

    Y 3.C 73:
Commission on Compensation of State and Local Government Officials

    Y 3.C 73/2:
Compensation Review Board

    Y 3.C 73/8:
Citizens Advisory Committee on Implementation of Comptroller Office Under 1970 Illinois Constitution

    Y 3.C 73/9:
Commuter Rail Service Board

    Y 3.C 734:
Community and Residential Services Authority

    Y 3.C 75:
Citizen Task Force on Consititutional Implementation

    Y 3.C 93:
Criminal Justice Information Council

    Y 3.C 93/2:
Criminal Justice Information Authority

    Y 3.D 27:
Services for Deaf-Blind Individuals Advisory Board

    Y 3.D 27/2:
Advisory Board for Services for Persons Who are Deaf and Blind

    Y 3.D 27/3:
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission

    Y 3.D 28:
Debt Collection Board

    Y 3.D 31:
State Council on Defense

    Y 3.D 48:
Developmental Disabilities Advocacy Authority

    Y 3.D 48/2:
Development Finance Authority

    Y 3.D 48/3:
Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities

    Y 3.D 61:
State Advisory Counil on the Education of Children with Disabilities

    Y 3.D 79:
Interagency Drug Abuse Education Development Committee

    Y 3.D 79/2:
Illinois Dangerous Drugs Commission

    Y 3.D 81:
Illinois Dual Credit Task Force

    Y 3.Ed 21:
Illinois Pre-White House Conference of Education

    Y 3.Ed 21/2:
Joint Education Conference

    Y 3.Ed 21/3:
Educational Service Region Study Commission

    Y 3.Ed 21/4:
Educational Labor Relations Board

    Y 3.Ed 21/5:
Commission on the Improvement of Elementary and Secondary Education

    Y 3.Ed 21/6:
Educational Facilities Authority

    Y 3.Ed 21/7:
Education Funding Advisory Board

    Y 3.Eg 32:
Greater Egypt Regional Planning and Development Commission

    Y 3.El 38:
State Electoral Board

    Y 3.El 38/2:
Commission for the Revision...of the Election and Primary Laws

    Y 3.Em 53:
Emergency Relief Commission

    Y 3.Em 55:
State Employees Retirement System

    Y 3.Em 55/2:
State Employees Suggestion Award Board

    Y 3.Em 55/3:
Interagency Committee on Employees with Disabilities

    Y 3.Em 553:
Illinois Employment and Training Council

    Y 3.En 56:
Illinois Energy Cabinet

    Y 3.En 61:
Environmental Facilities Financing Authority

    Y 3.En 61/2:
Interagency Working Committee on Environmentally Preferable Products
?? Name illegible

    Y 3.Eq 64:
Illinois State Equity Council

    Y 3.Et 84:
Illinois Ethnic Heritage

    Y 3.Ex 96:
Export Council

    Y 3.Ex 96/2:
Illinois Export Development Council

    Y 3.Ex 96/3:
Executive Ethics Commission

    Y 3.F 16:
Metropolitan Fair and Exposition Authority

    Y 3.F 23:
Farm Development Authority

    Y 3.F 49:
Financial Aid Legislative Task Force on McCormick Place Expansion, 1992 World's Fair, Statewide Tourism

    Y 3.F 49/2:
Task Force on Financial Services

    Y 3.F 49/3:
Illinois Finance Authority

    Y 3.F 523:
Fire Protections Personnel Standards and Education Commission

    Y 3.F 528:
Fiscal Commission

    Y 3.F 686:
Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research

    Y 3.F 71:
Forestry Development Commission

    Y 3.F 84:
Fraud Prevention Commission

    Y 3.F 99:
Task Force on the Future of Illinois

    Y 3.G 19:
Gang Crimes Study Commission

    Y 3.G 19/2:
Gannon Proctor Commission

    Y 3.G 19/3:
Illinois Gaming Board

    Y 3.G 72:
Task Force on Governmental Regulation

    Y 3.G 79:
Green Government Coordinating Council

    Y 3.G 91:
Guardianship and Advocacy Commission

    Y 3.H 23:
Commission for Handicapped Children

    Y 3.H 23/2:
Interagency Committee on Handicapped Employees

    Y 3.H 23/3:
Illinois State Advisory Council on the Education of Handicapped Children

    Y 3.H 25:
Interstate Harbor Commission, Illinois and Indiana

    Y 3.H 42:
Hazardous Waste Task Force

    Y 3.H 42/2:
Hazardous Materials Advisory Board

    Y 3.H 42/3:
Hazardous Waste Advisory Council

    Y 3.H 43:
State Board of Health

    Y 3.H 43/2:
Interagency Task Force on Health Manpower

    Y 3.H 43/3:
Statewide Health Coordinating Council

    Y 3.H 43/4:
Critical Health Issues Commission

    Y 3.H 43/5:
Health Finance Authority

    Y 3.H 43/6:
Health Care Cost Containment Council

      Y 3.H 43/6/2:
Health Facilities Planning Board

    Y 3.H 43/7:
Interagency Board for Hearing Impaired/Behavior Disordered Children

      Y 3.H 43/7/2:
Interagency Board for Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Have an Emotional or Behavior Disorder

    Y 3.H 43/8:
Head and Spinal Cord Injurty Advisory Council

    Y 3.H 67:
Historical Records Advisory Board

    Y 3.H 67/2:
Illinois State Task Force on Hispanic Student Dropouts

    Y 3.H 84:
Housing Commission

    Y 3.H 84:
Housing Commission

    Y 3.H 84/2:
State Housing Board

    Y 3.H 84/2:
Housing Board

    Y 3.H 84/3:
Housing Development Authority

    Y 3.H 91:
Commission on Human Relations

    Y 3.H 91/2:
Human Rights Commission

    Y 3.Im 34:
Improvement of Teaching as a Profession

    Y 3.In 42:
Industrial Development Authority

    Y 3.In 42/2:
Industrial Commission

    Y 3.In 59:
State Employee's Group Insurance Advisory Commission

    Y 3.In 59/2:
Illinois Instream Flow Protection Committee

    Y 3.In 61:
Internal Improvement Commission

    Y 3.In 61/2:
Interagency Agreement Committee

    Y 3.In 61/3:
Integrated Jusice Information System Implementation Board

    Y 3.In 61/5:
Interracial Commission

    Y 3.In 615:
Interracial Commission

    Y 3.In 62:
State Board of Investment

    Y 3.J 92:
Judges Retirement System

    Y 3.J 92/2:
Judicial Inquiry Board

    Y 3.J 97:
Juvenile Firesetters Task Force

    Y 3.J 971/2:
Juvenile Justice Commission

    Y 3.L 12:
Labor Laws Revisory Commission

    Y 3.L 12/2:
Labor Relations Board

    Y 3.L 12/3:
Local Labor Relations Board

    Y 3.L 19:
Lake States Agricultural Committee

    Y 3.L 25:
State-Regional Land Use Task Force

    Y 3.L 25/2:
Land Resources Management Study Commission

    Y 3.L 41:
Law Enforcement Commission

    Y 3.L 41/2:
Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

    Y 3.L 69:
Illinois Library Materials Preservation Task Force

    Y 3.L 76:
Liquor Control Commission

    Y 3.L 81:
Local Governmental Law Enforcement Officers Training Board

    Y 3.L 81/2:
Local Records Commission

    Y 3.L 84:
Inter Agency Task Force on Long-Term Care Facilities

    Y 3.L 91:
Low-level Radioactive Waste Task Froce

    Y 3.M 48:
Medical Center Commission

    Y 3.M 48/2:
Advisory Committee on Medical Costs and Utilization of Services

    Y 3.M 48/3:
Illinois Medical District Commission

    Y 3.M 54:
Advisory Council on Mental Retardation

    Y 3.M 54/2:
Metally Retarded and Mentally Ill Offender Task Force

    Y 3.M 54/3:
Technical Task Force on Community Mental Health Services

    Y 3.M 59:
Metropolitan Pier Exposition Authority

    Y 3.M 665:
Abandoned Mines Lands Reclamation Council

      Y 3.M 665:1-2/
Biennial Report

    Y 3.M 67:
Mississippi River Parkway Commission

    Y 3.M 919:
Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council

    Y 3.M 95:
Interagency Agreement Committee for Individuals Who are Multiply Handicapped with Both Visual and Auditory Impairments

    Y 3.M 96:
Municipal Retirement Fund

    Y 3.N 53:
Illinois Commission on New York World's Fair

    Y 3.N 81:
Commission to Study Non-Public Higher Education in Illinois

    Y 3.N 87:
Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission

    Y 3.N 97:
Nursing Commission

    Y 3.N 97/2:
State Council on Nutrition

    Y 3.Oc 15:
Occumpational Information Coordinating Committee

    Y 3.Oc 15/2:
Occupation Skill Standards and Credentialing Council

    Y 3.Oh 37:
Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission

    Y 3.P 47:
Interagency Committee on the Use of Pesticides

    Y 3.P 66:
Pioneer Memorial Plaza Commission

    Y 3.P 71:
State Planning Commission

    Y 3.P 77:
Pollution Control Board

    Y 3.P 88/2:
Illinois Industrial Pollution Control Financing Authority

    Y 3.P 93:
Nature Preserves Commission

    Y 3.P 95:
Prison Inquiry Commission

    Y 3.P 95/2:
Prisoner Review Board

    Y 3.P 96:
Protection and Advocacy Board

    Y 3.P 965:
Property Tax Appeal Board

    Y 3.P 97:
Public Welfare Commission

    Y 3.P 97/2:
Public Aid Commission

    Y 3.P 97/3:
Commission to Review and Rewrite Public Aid Code

    Y 3.P 97/4:
Illinois Study Commission on Public Pension Investment Policies

    Y 3.P 97/5:
Illinois Task Force on Coordination of Public Transportation Policies for Persons with Disabilities

    Y 3.R 118:
Race Track

    Y 3.R 15:
Railroad and Warehouse Commission

    Y 3.R 15/2:
Capitol City Railroad Authority

    Y 3.R 31:
State Records Commission

    Y 3.R 31/2:
Governor's Statewide Task Force on Recreation and Tourism

    Y 3.R 33:
Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)

    Y 3.R 33/2:

    Y 3.R 33/3:

    Y 3.R 43:
Natural Resources Development Board

    Y 3.R 43/2:
Residential Services Authority

    Y 3.R 43/3:
Interagency Authority on Residential Facilities for Children

    Y 3.R 436:
Task Force on Released Inmates

    Y 3.R 62:
Rivers and Lakes Commission

    Y 3.R 948:
Rural Affairs Council

    Y 3.R 948/2:
Rural Partners

    Y 3.Sa 14:
St. Louis Metropolitan Area Airport Authority

    Y 3.Sa 22:
Sanitary Water Board

    Y 3.Sa 26:
Savings and Loan Association Commissioner

    Y 3.Sa 26/2:
Savings and Residential Finance Commission

    Y 3.Sch 36:
State Scholarship Commission

    Y 3.Sch 37:
School Building Commission

    Y 3.Sch 37/2:
School Insurance Advisory Committee

    Y 3.Sm 63:
Governor's Small Business Advisory Council

    Y 3.So 67:
Institute for Social Policy

    Y 3.So 68:
Illinois Committee for Energy and Architecture

    Y 3.So 72:
Southwestern Illinois Planning Commission

    Y 3.So 72/2:
Southeastern Illinois Regional Planning and Development Commission

    Y 3.Sp 764:
Illinois Sports Facilities Authority

    Y 3.St 933:
Student Assistance Commission

    Y 3.Su 94:
Suburban Problems Task Force

    Y 3.T 23:
State Tax Levy Board

    Y 3.T 23/2:
Tax Commission

    Y 3.T 23/3:
Tax Reform Commission

    Y 3.T 25:
Technical Aids and Assistance to the Disabled Center

    Y 3.T 26:
Telecommunications Commission

    Y 3.T 77:
Regional Transportation Planning Board

    Y 3.T 779:
Legislative Travel Control Board

    Y 3.T 82:
Tri-City Regional Port District

    Y 3.T 865:
Commission on Truancy and Alternative Education

    Y 3.T 915:
Tuition Investment Plan Task Force

    Y 3.U 58:
Commission for Uniformity of Legislation in the U.S.

    Y 3.U 68:
Upper Mississippi River Basin Commission

    Y 3.Un 58:
Commission for the University of Legislations in the U.S.

    Y 3.V 58:
Veterans Commission

    Y 3.V 82:
Illinois State Advisory Council on Vocational Education

    Y 3.V 82/2:
Advisory Council on Adult, Vocational and Technical Education

    Y 3.V 82/2/9:

    Y 3.V 82/9:

    Y 3.V 94:
Voluntary Citizen Participation Office

    Y 3.W 32:
Technical Committee on Water Resources

    Y 3.W 32/2:
State Water Plan Task Force

    Y 3.W 87:
Task Force on Older Women in Illinois

    Y 3.W 926:
Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission

    Y 3.W 95:
Illinois Writers' Project

    Y 3.Y 83:
Youth Commission

  Y 4.
Legislative Commissions

    Y 4.A 135:
Alcoholism Study Committee

    Y 4.A 135/2:
Advisory Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependency

    Y 4.Ad 23:
Administrative Practice and Review Commission

    Y 4.Ad 23/2:
Joint Committee on Administrative Rules

    Y 4.Ad 23/9:

    Y 4.Ad 23/10:
Illinois Regulations

      Y 4.Ad 23/10-2:
Flinn Report

    Y 4.Ad 23/11:
Index and Objections and Recommendations

    Y 4.Ag 26:
Commission on the Aging and Aged

    Y 4.Ag 26/2:
State Council on Aging

    Y 4.Ag 27:
Agricultural Commodity Marketing Study Commission

    Y 4.Ai 29:
Air Pollution Study Committee (House)

    Y 4.Ai 29/2:
Joint Study Committee on Air Pollution

    Y 4.Al 35:
Alcoholism Study Committee

    Y 4.Al 35/2:
Advisory Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependency

    Y 4.Al 37:
Joint Study Committee on the Alewife Menace

    Y 4.Al 469:
Alton Lake Heritage Parkway Commission

    Y 4.Ap 652:
Appropriations Committee (House)

      Y 4.Ap 652:9
Summary of fiscal year…appropriations…General Assembly

    Y 4.At 7:
Commission on Atomic Energy

    Y 4.At 88:
State's Attorney Study Commission

    Y 4.Au 93:
Commission on Automation and Technological Progress

    Y 4.B 92:
Budgetary Commission

    Y 4.B 93:
Building Commission

    Y 4.C 13:
Special House Committee to Investigate...Cairo

    Y 4.C 19:
Joint Committee on Campus Disorders

    Y 4.C 26:
Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Task Force

    Y 4.C 27:
Commission on the Care of Chronically Ill Persons

    Y 4.C 27/2:
Commission to Investigate Chronic Diseases among Indigents

    Y 4.C 43:
Chain of Lakes-Fox River Commission

    Y 4.C 47:
Charitable Solicitation and Collection Law Revision Committee

    Y 4.C 53:
Chicago World's Fair Commission of 1976

    Y 4.C 53/2:
Chicago School Board Study Committee

    Y 4.C 53/3:
Chicago Board of Education Investigation Joint Committee

    Y 4.C 535:
Commission on Children

    Y 4.C 535/2:
Child Welfare Functions Commission

    Y 4.C 535/3:
Child Welfare Legislation Committee

    Y 4.C 535/4:
Child Care House Action Committee

    Y 4.C 535/4:
Joint Child Care Study Committee

    Y 4.C 535/5:
Citizens Council on Children

    Y 4.C 535/6:
Child Fatality Task Force

    Y 4.C 535/7:
Child Support Enforcement Task Force

    Y 4.C 58:
Civil War Centennial Commission

    Y 4.C 582:
House Committee on Cities and Villages

    Y 4.C 64:
Commission on Clinical Labs, Blood Banks and Blood Bank Depositories

    Y 4.C 73:
Commission on Department of Commerce

    Y 4.C 738:
Computer and Data Processing Equipment Study Commission

    Y 4.C 74:
Conflict of Interest Laws Commission

    Y 4.C 745:
Legislative Condominium Study Committee

    Y 4.C 745/2:
Joint Legislative Condominium Study Committee

    Y 4.C 75:
New Construction Planning and Procurement Commission

    Y 4.C 75/2:
Construction Industry Commission

    Y 4.C 755:
Joint Committee on the Consolidation of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

    Y 4.C 758:
Constitution Study Commission

    Y 4.C 76:
Contracts Compliance Committee

    Y 4.C 77:
Illinois House Legislative Task Force to Study Issues Affecting the Townships of Cook County and the Collar Counties

    Y 4.C 82:
Special Joint Legislative Advisory Committee on Corrections

    Y 4.C 82/2:
House Special Committee on Illinois Correctional Industries

    Y 4.C 85:
County Problems Commission
formerly Commission to Study County Problems

    Y 4.C 85/2:
Counties and Townships Committee (House)

    Y 4.C 86:
Special House Committee Pursuant to H.R. 249 (Courts)

    Y 4.C 92:
Crime Investigating Commission

    Y 4.C 92/2:
Council on the Diagnosis and Evaluation of Criminal Defendants

    Y 4.C 92/3:
Criminal Sentencing Comission

    Y 4.C 92/4:
House Select Committee on Treatment and Placement of Criminals

    Y 4.C 92/5:
Task Force on Crime and Corrections

    Y 4.D 23:
Data Information Systems Commission

    Y 4.D 28:
Joint Committee on Long-Term State Debt

    Y 4.D 59:
Dirksen Memorial Study

    Y 4.D 61:
Divorse Lawyers Practices Commission

    Y 4.D 611:
Developmental Disabilities Study Committee

    Y 4.D 74:
Downstate Township Government Task Force

    Y 4.Ea 12:
Joint Committee on Early (Childhood) Intervention

    Y 4.Ec 19:
Commission for Economic Development

    Y 4.Ec 19/2:
Economic and Fiscal Commission

    Y 4.Ec 19/3:
Citizens Council on Economic Development

    Y 4.Ed 24:
Compact on Education

    Y 4.Ed 24/2:
Educational Commission

    Y 4.Ed 24/3:
Task Force on Education

    Y 4.Ef 27:
Efficiency and Economy Committee

    Y 4.El 38:
Election Laws Commission

    Y 4.El 38/2:
Election Committee

    Y 4.El 38/3:
Electronic Funds Transfer Systems Study Commission

    Y 4.El 39:
Elementary and Secondary Non-Public Schools Study Commission

    Y 4.El 39/2:
Elementary and Secondary Education Committee (House)

    Y 4.Em 53:
Emancipation Centennial Commission

    Y 4.Em 55:
Commission on State Employment

    Y 4.Em 56:
Energy Crisis Investigation Committee

    Y 4.Em 56/2:
Illinois Energy Resources Commission

    Y 4.Em 56/3:
Citizen's Council on Energy Resources

    Y 4.Et 84:
Board of Ethics

    Y 4.Et 84/2:
Senate Ethics Commission

    Y 4.Ex 96:
Executive Mansion Commission

    Y 4.Ex 96/2:
House Executive Committee

    Y 4.F 16:
Temporary Appointments to Senate Interim Committee on Fair Employment Practices

    Y 4.F 19:
Family Study Commission

    Y 4.F 49:
Financial Institutions Committee

    Y 4.F 49/2:
Select Committee on the Financial Condition of the RTA (House)

    Y 4.F 49/3:
Senate Committee on Finance and Credit Regulations

    Y 4.F 63:
Special Committee to Survey Flood Damage

    Y 4.F 68:
Food, Drug, Cosmetic and Pesticides Laws Commission

    Y 4.F 68/2:
Special Committee to Investigate the Administration of Illinois Food Laws

    Y 4.F 96:
Full Value Assessment Laws and Tax Rate Limitations Commission

    Y 4.G 19:
Policy Numbers Game Study Committee

    Y 4.G 32:
General Assembly Retirement System

    Y 4.G 32/2:
Commission on the Organization of the General Assembly

    Y 4.G 32/3:
Gernal Assembly Literary Study Commission

    Y 4.G 325:
Gender Equity Commission

    Y 4.G 721:
Government Forecasting and Accountability Commission

    Y 4.H 43:
Public Health Study and Survey Commission

    Y 4.H 434:
Health Care Worker Task Force

    Y 4.H 434/2:
Illinois Legislative Heath Insurance Exchange Study Committee

    Y 4.H 49:
Industrial Hemp Investigative Advisory Task Force

    Y 4.H 63:
Higher Education Commission

    Y 4.H 63/2:
Commission to Survey Higher Education Facilities in Illinois

    Y 4.H 63/3:
Higher Education Committee

    Y 4.H 635:
Highway Study Commission

    Y 4.H 84:
High Density Housing Committee (House)

    Y 4.H 91:
House Committee on Human Resources

    Y 4.II 29:
Illinois-Mississippi Canal and Sinnissippi Lake Commission

    Y 4.II 29/2:
Illinois-Indiana Bi-State Development and Study Commission

    Y 4.In 42:
Industry and Labor Committee

    Y 4.In 43:
Legislative Information System

    Y 4.In 43/3:
Special House Committee on High Risk Infants and Newborns

    Y 4.In 432:
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Study Commission

    Y 4.In 59:
Insurance Study Commission

    Y 4.In 59/2:
Joint Insurance Study Committee

    Y 4.In 59/3:
Insurance Laws Study Commission

    Y 4.In 61:
Intergovernmental Cooperation Commission

    Y 4.In 62:
Legislative Investigation Commission

    Y 4.J 75:
Jolliet-Marquette Tricentennial Commission

    Y 4.J 92:
Judicial Advisory Council

    Y 4.J 92/2:
Judiciary I Committee

    Y 4.J 96:
State Justice Commission

    Y 4.L 12:
Commission on Labor Laws

    Y 4.L 12/2:
Labor and Commerce Committee

    Y 4.L 19:
Lake Michigan and Adjoining Lands Study Commission

    Y 4.L 19/2:
Special Committee on Lake Michigan

    Y 4.L 415:
Law Revision Commission

    Y 4.L 52:
Illinois Legislative Council

    Y 4.L 52/2:
Legislative Reference Bureau

    Y 4.L 52/3:
Legislative Audit Commission

    Y 4.L 52/4:
Legislative Research Unit

    Y 4.L 52/5:
Legislative Local Accounting Task Force

    Y 4.L 69:
Library Study Commission

    Y 4.L 69/2:
House Task Force on Liability Insurance

    Y 4.L 69/3:
License Plate Task Force

    Y 4.L 81:
Commission on Local Government

    Y 4.L 81/2:
Local Government Selection Commission

    Y 4.L 81/3:
Local Government Finance Study Commission

    Y 4.L 91:
Legislative Commission on Low Income Housing

    Y 4.M 41:
Mass Transportation Commission

    Y 4.M 48:
Mechanic's Lien Law and Construction Financing Study Commission

    Y 4.M 482:
Medical Injury Insurance Reparations Committee

    Y 4.M 482/2:
Medical Waste Tracking Study Group

    Y 4.M 54:
Legislative Commission on Mental Health and Mental Retardation
formerly Mental Health Commission

    Y 4.M 54/3:
Department of Mental Health Investigation Committee (House)

    Y 4.M 54/4:
Legislative Mental Health Fund Advisory Committee

    Y 4.M 54/5:
Citizens Council on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities

    Y 4.M 665:
Aggregate Mining Problems Study Commission

    Y 4.M 91:
Motor Vehicle Laws Commission

    Y 4.M 91/2:
Motor Vehicles Committee

    Y 4.M 96:
Cities and Villages Municipal Problems Commission

    Y 4.N 22:
Committee on the Investigation of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs in Illinois

    Y 4.N 22/2:
Narcotics Advisory Council

    Y 4.N 86:
Commission to Investigate the North Central Association

    Y 4.N 87:
Legislative Advisory Committee to the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission

    Y 4.N 89:
Not for Profit Corporations Study Committee

    Y 4.N 97:
Joint Committee on Nursing Care Reimbursement

    Y 4.Ob 14:
Obscenity Laws Study Commission

    Y 4.P 41:
Public Employees Pension Laws Commission

    Y 4.P 418:
Pensions and Personnel Committee (Senate)

    Y 4.P 76:
Police and Minority Groups Relations Commission

    Y 4.P 85:
Post-War Planning Commission

    Y 4.P 92:
Special Joint Committee to Study the Preparedness of the National Guard

    Y 4.P 95:
Special Committee on Prison Reform (House)

    Y 4.P 96:
State Property Insurance Study Commission

    Y 4.P 96/2:
Property Tax Revenue Loss Study Commission

    Y 4.P 96/3:
Property Tax Study Committee

    Y 4.P 96/4:
Private Enterprise Review and Advisory Board

    Y 4.P 96/5:
Task Force on Professional Practice in the Illinois Justice Systems

    Y 4.P 96/6:
Procurement Policy Board

    Y 4.P 97:
Commission on Public Aid and Assistance

    Y 4.P 97/2:
Legislative Advisory Committee on Public Assistance

    Y 4.P 97/3:
Public Assistance Laws Commission

    Y 4.P 97/4:
Legislative Advisory Committee on Pubic Aid

    Y 4.P 97/5:
Public Aid Committee

    Y 4.P 97/6:
Citizen's Council on Public Aid

    Y 4.R 15:
Railroad Grade Crossing Blocking and Railroad Grade Crossing Separation Commission

    Y 4.R 15/2:
High Speed Rail Transit Commission

    Y 4.R 21:
Rape Study Committee

    Y 4.R 28:
House Committee to Study the Real Estate Broker-Lawyer Accord

    Y 4.R 288:
1980 Census Reappointment Committee of the Illinois House of Representatives

    Y 4.R 31:
Recreation Council

    Y 4.R 31/2:
Recreation Development Commission

    Y 4.R 317:
Redistricting Process Review Commission

    Y 4.R 334:
Joint Committee on Regional Government

    Y 4.R 344:
Select Joint Committee on Regulatory Agency Reform

    Y 4.R 43:
Commission on Mental Retardation

    Y 4.R 45:
Revenue Commission

    Y 4.R 45/2:
House Revenue Committee

    Y 4.R 45/3:
Legislative Commission on Municipal Revenue

    Y 4.R 45/4:
Revenue Study Commission

    Y 4.R 45/5:
Special Joint Committee to Investigate Revenue Losses

    Y 4.R 77:
Roofing Industry Task Force

    Y 4.R 93:
House Rules Committee

    Y 4.R 94:
Rural Telephone Service Study Committee (House)

    Y 4.Sa 16:
Special Committee on Salaries for Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of Illinois Government

    Y 4.Sa 32:
Sanitary District Operations Commission

    Y 4.Sa 32/2:
Joint Legislative Committee to Investigate Metropolitan Sanitary District

    Y 4.Sch 37:
School Problems Commission

    Y 4.Sch 37/2:
Task Force on School Finance

    Y 4.Se 47:
Senate Operations Commission

    Y 4.Se 49:
Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission

    Y 4.Se 51:
Commission on Sex Offenders

    Y 4.Sm 63:
Legislative Commission on Small Business

    Y 4.Sm 63/2:
Illinois House Smart Growth Task Force

    Y 4.So 72:
Southwestern Illinois Area Study Commission

    Y 4.Sp 73:
Legislative Space Needs Commission

    Y 4.Sp 735:
Spanish-Speaking Peoples Study Commission

    Y 4.Sp 735/2:

Spanish-Speaking Residents Commission

    Y 4.Sp 74:
Commission on Special Events

    Y 4.Sp 74/2:
House Special Committee

    Y 4.St 77:
Legislative Staff Internship Sponsoring Committee

    Y 4.St 79:
Select Committee on State Government Organization

    Y 4.St 89:
Commission on State Government

    Y 4.St 89/2:
State Personnel Administration Commission

    Y 4.St 91:
Strip Mining Commission

    Y 4.T 25:
Technological Progress Commission

    Y 4.T 267:
Illinois Task Force on Advanced Telecommunications and Networking

    Y 4.T 77:
Travel Agency and Passenger Carrier Commission

    Y 4.T 772:
Transportation Study Commission

    Y 4.T 772/2:
Special Committee Investigating Certain Policies, Procedures and Practice of the Illinois Department of Transportation

    Y 4.T 772/3:
Transportation Committee (House)

    Y 4.T 772/4:
Legislative Advisory Committee to the Regional Transportation Authority

    Y 4.T 772/5:
Southwest Side Advisory Committee on Transportation

    Y 4.Un 56:
Joint Committee on Unemployment Compensation

    Y 4.Un 58:
Commission in relation to the Establishment of a Branch of the University of Illinois in the Chicago Area

    Y 4.Un 58/2:
Task Force on a Uniform Building Code

    Y 4.Ur 72:
Urban Education Commission

    Y 4.Ur 72/2:
Urban Area Government Commission

    Y 4.Ut 89:
Joint Committee on Public Utility Regulation

    Y 4.V 64:
Commission on Compensation to Victims of Crimes of Violence

    Y 4.V 83:
Legislative Commission to Visit and Examine State Institutions

    Y 4.V 97:
Voting Machine Investigation Committee

    Y 4.W 32:
Water Pollution and Water Resources Commission

    Y 4.W 32/2:
Illinois-Wisconsin Water Resources Management Commission

    Y 4.W 32/3:
Northern Illinois Water Resources and Conservation Commission

    Y 4.W 87:
Status of Women Commission

    Y 4.W 87/2:
House Committee on Employment of Women and Minority Groups in State Government

    Y 4.W 92:
House Special Committee on Worker's Compensation Insurance Rate

    Y 4.Y 39:
Year 2000 Technology Task Force

    Y 4.Y 83:
Youthful Offenders' Commission

    Y 4.Z 87:
Zoning Laws Study Commission